Owner of SOS Security Solutions & Handyman Services. 

Shawn has a degree in Architecture/Engineering, and is a Certified Locksmith, Certified Handyman, Certified Surveillance Installations , & Certified Safe Tech. 

Shawn also has experience in woodworking, bamboo & tile flooring design/install, drywall repair, door installation and repair & Auto CAD Designs 

Degrees & Certificates 

Associate of Applied Science Degree

The degree is mainly for Architectural drafting and design but i also learned engineering as well. If you need something designed like a hidden room or other project let us know. 

Association of Certified Handyman Professionals

Continued education is very important which is why we are a member of ACHP. Weather you have a small or large job; finding a person who has the knowledge, skill, and ability to get the job done right can sometimes be hard to find. With ACHP we are continually growing in our knowledge base. If we can't help you with your need we may be able to point you in the right direction to help get you the help you need with the right knowledge, skill and ability. 


One of a small number of schools which teach safe manipulation. While the movies may portray the safe tech as very easily dialing open a combination lock or quickly drilling a safe; while in reality it takes much more time and in some cases years. 


Basic mechanical maintenance of safes. If you don't preform some type of maintenance on your locks at some point throughout the year you will be locked out. We can help prevent mechanical lockouts before they start. 

State of OHIO certificate

Typical state certificate of business.